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  • B1 Achiever (Speaking Exam)


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      B1 Achiever (Speaking Exam)


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      Language Cert International ESOL B1 Achiever

      Written (Listening, Reading, Writing) and Spoken (Speaking) exams in English, aligned to the B1 level of the CEFR*. Exams are delivered through our global network of Test Centres or online.


      Part 1: 7 multiple choice questions (each with 3 options)

      • Listen twice to 7 short sentences between 2 speakers, 1 being a formal conversation

      Part 2: 6 multiple choice questions (each with 3 options)

      • Listen twice to 3 short conversations between 2 speakers to identify: topic, purpose, context, speakers, gist, relationship between speakers, roles, functions, attitudes, feeling and opinions. Choose the appropriate response for each question

      Part 3: 7 questions (write notes on the message pad based on the information in the recording)

      • Listen twice to the recording to identify specific information
      • Jot down answers consisting of 1 to 3 words

      Part 4: 6 multiple choice questions (each with 3 options)

      • Listen twice to a discussion to identify gist, examples, fact, opinion, contrast, purpose, key ideas, attitude, cause and effect
      • Choose the appropriate response for each question







      Part 1: 5 multiple choice questions (each with 3 options)

      • 5 short texts each with 1 gap testing layout, lexis, cohesive devices, coherence
      • Choose the appropriate response for each question

      Part 2: 6 multiple choice options to fill in an incomplete text (1 option is a distractor)

      • Choose the appropriate sentence for each gap in the text

      Part 3: 7 questions (4 texts provide the answers to 7 questions)

      • Read the 4 short texts, e.g. email, article, advert, etc. and choose which text answers which question

      Part 4: 8 questions (requiring short answers of 1 to 3 words)

      • A continuous text: narrative, descriptive, expository, biographical, instructive



      Part 1: 70 – 100 words (respond appropriately to a given text in order to produce a formal response for an intended public audience)
      Task: Write a response to a letter, poster, diary, timetable, leaflet, etc for a specified reader addressing a clearly defined number of content points

      Part 2: 100 – 120 words (produce an informal letter to a friend)
      Task: Write a letter on a given topic of personal interest and include 2 functions e.g. invite a friend to stay, describe what you will do


      Part 1
      Task:  • Give and spell name
      • State country of origin
      • Answer 5 questions

      Part 2
      Task: • 2 or 3 situations are presented by the interlocutor
      • Candidates are expected to respond to questions and initiate interactions

      Part 3
      Task: • Hold a short discussion to make a plan, arrange or decide something using visual prompts

      Part 4
      Task:  • Candidates are given 30 seconds of preparation time
      • Talk about a topic provided by the interlocutor for 1 and a half minutes
      • Answer follow-up questions

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